How I Cut my Cell Phone Bill to $10 a Month with Unlimited Calls to the United States, Canada, and Mexico


As recent expats to Mexico, we are always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing our quality of life. One of the ways we saved a lot of money instantly, was to switch to a Mexican based cell phone plan.

In the United States, a cell phone plan can easily run over $100 USD for an individual plan and over $200 USD for a family plan. Prior to moving to Mexico, we decided to reduce our monthly bill by eliminating one of our cell phones completely and sharing the one remaining phone. Since we were both retiring, we figured that we would be together most of the time anyway.

I cancelled our Verizon plan and switched to T-Mobile. The T-Mobile plan offered unlimited calls and texts in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With 3 gigs of data, taxes and fees, the phone plan cost us $105 a month. Compared to what we were paying before, this seemed like a pretty good deal.  That is until we discovered the same plan in Mexico for only $10 a month. Yep, you read that correctly; $10 USD a month.

I know that this post is starting to sound like a late night infomercial, but I assure you, I am not selling anything. I am just sharing our story in the hope that some of our fellow expats might save some money.

We changed to Iusacell in December of 2015. Iusacell was acquired by AT&T in November of 2014 and is now known as AT&T Mexico. At the time we got the plan, the full name change had not taken place.

Our plan is similar to the T-mobile plan but much cheaper: unlimited calls and texts within North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico); 3 gigs of data; and unlimited social media without using any gigs. If you prepaid for 12 months, you got 12 months for free. At the exchange rate then, it worked out to be about $240 USD, or $10 USD a month, for cell phone service for the next two years. It was so cheap, we went back to each having our own phone again.

By the way, there are no hidden fees or taxes in there either. That is because Mexican consumer law requires that the price exhibited or advertised include all taxes and charges necessary to acquire the product or service. You can read more about your rights as a consumer here: What Every Expat Should Know About Consumer Laws in Mexico.

We have used our phones in Mexico and the United States and they worked great in both countries. We have Canadian friends that took advantage of this deal and all of them report that their phones work well when they are back in Canada.

Some of you may be wondering if this deal is still available; well, it is. The rates went up slightly (in pesos); however, the terms are still the same. If you choose to have 3 gigs of data a month and prepay for 12 months, it works out to be 5,388 pesos or about $299 USD for two years of cell service. If you break this down to monthly rate, you are paying about $12.47 USD a month (18:1 exchange rate).

I have included a link to the plan for those that are interested:

AT&T con Todo damas Más (If you are outside of Mexico, you may be redirected to the AT&T site for your country)

I think this plan is a good fit for expats or part time residents from the United States or Canada. The only possible downside is that you will have a Mexican phone number. That can be a pain if you are trying to give the number to someone in the U.S. or Canada. You just have to get into the habit of telling people outside of Mexico to dial +52 and then the number.

Phone plans and deals change regularly, so it is likely you can find a deal that fits your needs better than this one. The point of the post is to show people who are thinking of becoming expats in Mexico that it is easy to cut costs and live well on much less.

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Author: Qroo Paul

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  1. Great info! Thanks!!

  2. If you don’t need much data, Telcel has a plan for about $6 per month for unlimited calls to Mexico, US, and Canada, plus unlimited Whatsapp, Facebook, and Messaging. It also includes 300 meg of data, which is plenty for basic email on the go…

    • Thanks for the tip. We may get in trouble with data but I will look into that one. I am still amazed that I used to pay so much before moving to Mexico.

  3. “Hangouts” is also a wonderful (free) app that allows you to call any phone, anywhere for free- Use it on wifi and it’s completely free! Love it

  4. great info QPaul, gracias. my iphone is ATT compatible. Think i will bring an extra cell phone, att ready, just in case I lose the iphone( has tracker on it) I read your visa /temp residencia blog, it convinced me to apply for permanent vs 1-4 yr temp. doing so now. working on shipping truck n trailer from Tampa to puerto morelos- any feed back from other expats on shipping vehicles etc from tampa to PM? would love to hear back. Any realistic word on the overnight Ferry ever becoming a reality? again, very helpful blog thanks for your time and care. Fels

    • Thanks for reading the blog and good luck on your move over to Mexico. I don’t know anyone who shipped their vehicle that way, so let me know how it goes. As far as a ferry, people have been talking about that possibility for years — but so far, it is still just talk.

  5. ive been paying 100 pesos a month for unlomited cell calls to canada, usa, mexico and umlimited facebook twitter , whats up and emails onmy plan on movistar,, works great in cities not tp good along beaches

  6. Christine Philipson | September 21, 2016 at 9:12 pm | Reply

    this is great news! thanks,…. I’m thinking I’m going to read every article on your blog. 🙂

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