Spanish Lesson: Learn Over a Hundred Spanish Nouns with One Simple Trick (Video)


If you are like me, you want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to studying. This video covers the TION-CION cognate trick and it can dramatically increase your vocabulary without having to memorize new Spanish words.


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The Spanish lessons were created by the author of Functional Police Spanish, Paul Kurtzweil. Paul is a retired law enforcement officer who has been teaching Spanish for over 15 years.

During his law enforcement career, Paul conducted over 3000 work-related translations; did interviews on Spanish language television; conducted undercover operations entirely in Spanish; spoke as a guest at events hosted by the Mexican Consulate; and translated legal documents for use in the Spanish-speaking communities within his jurisdiction.

Nowadays, Paul lives in the Riviera Maya and helps his fellow expats learn the basics of the language.

2 Comments on "Spanish Lesson: Learn Over a Hundred Spanish Nouns with One Simple Trick (Video)"

  1. Thanks so much for these videos! I speak a number of Romance languages and Spanish is just the most recent one. I especially like the voice, the tone and the pace of your speaker/teacher. If it’s you, congrats on this aspect of the lessons. This makes them very appealing for me, as I am a classical voice/opera coach, and you can’t possibly know WHAT a difference it makes to my ear and my sense of focus in learning. What a boon.

    Sign me a big fan. Muchas gracias!

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