Spanish Lesson: How to Express Ability in Spanish (Video)


If you are a beginning Spanish student, this video can give your Spanish a big boost. The video will focus on the mega-verb PODER (to be able to). I call it a mega-verb because you will be able to us it frequently and in a wide range of situations.

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The Spanish lessons were created by the author of Functional Police Spanish, Paul Kurtzweil. Paul is a retired law enforcement officer who has been teaching Spanish for over 15 years.

During his law enforcement career, Paul conducted over 3000 work-related translations; did interviews on Spanish language television; conducted undercover operations entirely in Spanish; spoke as a guest at events hosted by the Mexican Consulate; and translated legal documents for use in the Spanish-speaking communities within his jurisdiction.

Nowadays, Paul lives in the Riviera Maya and helps his fellow expats learn the basics of the language.

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  1. Love your videos. Do you have a YouTube page?

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