Just for Fun: What We Would Do if We Won $200,000 in the Lottery

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My last few posts have leaned more toward the serious side (researching crime stats and ATM skimmers), so I decided to make this one a bit more light-hearted.

I follow several online newspapers from the U.S. and I recently came across an article about a man who bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won $200,000 USD. I mentioned the article to Linda over lunch and asked her what she would buy if we won that amount. She responded that she couldn’t think of anything and she asked me what I would buy. Amazingly, nothing came to mind.

Although we live quite frugally compared to how we lived in the United States, there really isn’t anything that we want. The cost of living here is already so low here that we have enough disposable income to travel and do other things that we enjoy. Our new life in Mexico checks all the boxes and we feel very fortunate that we are able to live in this paradise full-time.

We both laughed that we couldn’t come up with ways to spend $200,000 dollars. So I started to ask more specific questions to see if we could come up with something:

How about a new house or condo?

Nope. We both love our condo and the community that we live in. There is more than enough space for the two of us and  for the occasional visitor. We travel a lot, but we have not found any other place that we would rather live.

How about a new car?

Nope. We both decided that we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on our car because we wanted to have an active lifestyle. We bought an inexpensive car so we could jump in it covered in sand and salt and not worry about damaging the upholstery.

How about a boat?

Nope. We don’t want to have to deal with the upkeep of a boat. Besides, it is always better to have a friend with a boat than to own a boat yourself.

So what did we finally come up with?


Linda said that she would take a trip to Italy because she loves it there. We went for our anniversary over a year ago and she has wanted to take a trip back ever since.

She used to tell me that we had to go back just for the amazing food – but that was before we moved to Mexico. Now we live in an area with a large Italian expat community and delicious, authentic Italian dishes are easy to find here.


As for me, it took a few cervezas to get my mind going but I finally came up with a few options:

* Buy another condo in the same development – When I mentioned this one to Linda, she immediately agreed. The property values in this part of Mexico are on the rise and we both feel that this would be a great investment. If we had a second condo, we would rent it out as a short term vacation rental. The problem would then be figuring out how to spend that income. That puts us back at square one…haha.

* Work on a Mexican law degree – I really enjoy learning more about the law here in Mexico and if given the chance, I would take it to the next level and work on my degree.

At one time, I considered applying for the online law program at the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) but I decided against it because of the costs involved.

* Kiteboarding – Okay, this one looks super cool but both the equipment and lessons are pricey.

* Go to Italy – This one is a no-brainer because when Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.

Let’s Wrap This Up

For those of you who only follow the blog to learn more about the logistics of living in Mexico, I imagine today’s post was a bit of a letdown for you. Don’t worry, I plan on writing several more articles that deal with more serious topics in the near future. We just decided to take a little break today.

By the way, this hypothetical situation will never become reality because we don’t even play the lottery.

Author: Qroo Paul

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16 Comments on "Just for Fun: What We Would Do if We Won $200,000 in the Lottery"

  1. What about donating it to your readers so they can buy a condo? )))

  2. I would buy property in Mexico of course!!

  3. Your gratitude is contagious. Being thankful for everything we have is important, no matter where you live.

  4. It’s encouraging to hear you say you wouldn’t know what to with the extra income. I’m a cop who is looking at retiring next year and my wife and I want to move to move to Mexico as well.

  5. Sale everything, quit my job. Buy a condo in Mexico. That’s all I would need

  6. The first line in the famous book by Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life is “..it’s not about you!” Now, I know from following your blog, you spent your life Protecting & Serving others, so I am in no way judging how you live now, but as a person who lives in Mexico as an expat like you, I would highly recommend finding a way to use that “found money” to help the under-served right here where we are being blessed. Adapt a family, provide food and support for English classes. I speak from experience when I say helping others while in Paradise is The Best!

    • The article was a hypothetical, but I like all of those suggestions. If we ever come into extra money — as unlikely as that seems at the moment — I will surely explore those options as well.

      Thanks for reading the blog and for taking the time to comment.

  7. Hello from Merida,
    well, in Yucatan no longer inexpensive prices. They have doubled in the last nine years!
    Many Mexicans can no longer buy much herself.
    Although we feel at home in this country, with a big lottery win we went back to our beloved Lee County, Fl
    Best regards

  8. Ha ha, right. Enjoyed this one too!

  9. I’ve been following your blog for a bit and love every article you write. We’ve had a 5 year plan to move to mexico which expires summer 2017. Soooo excited that it is almost here. I almost want to tell you to stop making it so inviting as there will be no room left for me. lol. We spent a few months there in 2012 and that’s when i knew i had to make it happen. I am only 52 and everyone says that’s too young to retire and I say “oh ya , just watch me”. Once settled we hope to come visit and have a beer together.

    • Thank you so much for reading the blog. A few friends here in Mexico have jokingly asked me to tone my articles down a bit so people will stop moving here…haha. Let us know when you are in our area and we can meet for that beer. 🙂

  10. Another fun blog! Thanks! In addition to the the donations, I always welcome donations to my trips that I make down there:)

    I thought you might say that you would pay for family and friends to visit you, but getting another condo for their visit is a good option. I was also wondering if you had a golf cart like some others in the neighborhood.


    • Family and friends seem to keep showing up on their own without much encouragement…lol.

      No, we don’t have a little golf cart to ride around in — but that is an idea 🙂

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