Q-Roo Paul’s Pick: La Palapa Restaurant in Chemuyil

My wife and I are definitely foodies and we have had hundreds of amazing meals since coming to Mexico. If all I did was write reviews of every fantastic place that we have eaten at, we would quickly lose most of our subscribers — except for a few local foodies, of course.

For that reason, we consider a long list of factors before naming a restaurant as an official pick and then, new additions are rare. In the last 68 articles that I have written, only three have been dedicated to recommending a particular restaurant. Today I am adding one more: La Palapa in Chemuyil.


The view from the street

If you’ve never heard of Chemuyil, you aren’t alone. Chemuyil is a small pueblo just north of Tulum that is a little off of the beaten path for the average tourist.

Although we had traveled to this part of Mexico over a dozen times prior to becoming local residents, we had never heard of La Palapa or Chemuyil. That all changed once we joined the expat community and the more seasoned members started to show us little hidden gems like La Palapa.

La Palapa is a restaurant that is popular among both locals and expats (that’s a great sign). The place has a small town, friendly vibe and is a fantastic place to go for lunch or dinner. On certain nights of the week, there is even live music and I recommend timing your visit to correspond with a performance.

The food at La Palapa is consistently well-prepared and delicious. Between the standard menu items and the daily specials, there is something to please even the fussiest of eaters in your party.


Chemuyil is a small pueblo located on the west side of the main highway (307). The exit is plainly marked on the highway. The restaurant itself is less than 2 minutes from the highway and is easy to find. The town is so small that it’s almost impossible to get lost.


There are a lot of great dishes at La Palapa, but I usually opt for the fresh, hand breaded fish sticks shown below. They are always light, flaky and absolutely delicious.


Hand breaded fish

La Palapa often has fresh seafood specials in addition to their menu items. If they tell you there is lobster or grouper that day, you should just hand the menu back because the choice has been made.


Fresh lobster (seasonal)

Menu and Prices

As you can see, the prices are lower than those found at restaurants in the tourist areas. That is a plus for the thrifty-minded people like us.



La Palapa is open 7 days a week from 1 PM to 9 PM.

Let’s Wrap This Up

I could keep posting amazing food pictures all day but I think you get the point. This place should be on your short list of places to eat at while visiting this part of Mexico.

To get more information about current food specials or to find out if there is live music scheduled, click HERE to see La Palapa’s Facebook page.

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  1. Thanks for this great post. We’ll look for this when we are in that area.

  2. Julia Allen | October 7, 2016 at 3:28 pm |

    Food is outstanding we eat at this restaurant at least 4 times a week. He speaks English.

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