Residents of One Mexican City Can Save Money on Property Taxes by Losing Weight


Mexico has a problem with obesity and one Mexican city has decided to create some fiscal incentives to encourage people to lose weight and develop healthier eating habits.

The city of San Nicolás de los Garza now allows families with at least one overweight family member to save up to 50% on their property taxes.


San Nicolás de los Garza is in the Mexican State of Nuevo León and has a population of approximately 443,273

The Program

Residents who want to participate are required to enroll in a government program called “vamos por tus kilos”.

The program lasts 10 weeks and participants are carefully monitored by personnel from the city’s health department. The participants receive meal plans that meet the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO). The goal is for adults to lose one kilo a week and for children to lose half a kilo a week.

The discount is based on the total combined weight loss of all of the family members participating. In order to qualify for the full 50% discount, the total weight loss must be 10 kilos (22.04 lbs) or more. If they don’t hit that benchmark, they can still qualify for smaller discounts as long as they lost some weight.

The city estimates that this will cost them about $10,000,000 pesos in lost revenue ($530,269 USD).

Let’s Wrap This Up

I love the idea of this program but I can’t help but wonder if the skinny residents feel a bit left out. Fortunately for me, I have been putting on a few extra pounds over the last year — just in case this program comes to my area.

Author: Qroo Paul

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6 Comments on "Residents of One Mexican City Can Save Money on Property Taxes by Losing Weight"

  1. We live in Puerto Nuevo on theBaja. Huge beautiful totally owned home with 180 degree whitewater views. Taxes here are about $40.00 US per year! I drink a little beer…..lower taxes won’t work here! Beer is good!!

  2. I think it’s a good plan. And that’s a good incentive to keep people interested. Something need to,be done about obesity so I hope this gets good results.
    I live in the fattest state in the union and our government does nothing.

  3. I think I should head there and sell some of my weight loss coffee!

  4. Very could plan.Canada and America should follow.
    For you, think about your HEALTH less beer,move more and enjoy.

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