Spanish for Retirees: Lesson 2

We’re still covering the basics at this point but I decided to throw in another cognate trick to boost your Spanish!

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On 07/31/17, we made the decision to stop posting new lessons on the blog site.

All of our Spanish lessons can now be found on our YouTube channel:

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Q-Roo Paul
Paul Kurtzweil (Q-Roo Paul) is a former lieutenant from the Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida. During his 25-year career, he received numerous commendations to include two of the agency's top honors: a Meritorious Service Medal and a Medal of Valor. In 2015, Paul retired and moved to Mexico with his wife. He now spends his days enjoying the Riviera Maya and blogging from the beach.

26 Comments on "Spanish for Retirees: Lesson 2"

  1. That? Was awesome. Thank you!

  2. | June 19, 2017 at 11:11 pm | Reply

    Very much appreciate the Spanish lessons- they’re great!

  3. Loving your lessons. Mucho gracias amigo

  4. Wow! Great lesson, Paul! Still can’t trill an “R” (Spanish speech impediment)!
    Are you doing the animation as well?
    Muchas Gracias!

    • Thanks, John. I’m using software that companies generally use to make training videos. I work out the scenes and then go back and record the audio onto them. It gives me something to do in the morning until the Mrs wakes up.

      By the way, keep practicing that rolling R…lol.

  5. Hey, had a question on Spanish, specifically with taxis in the area. Numerous times we’ve taken taxis and asked how much it cost and they reply something like ‘Dos sesenta’. At first I was confused thinking they were looking for $260 pesos but caught on it was just $60.. but why do they say ‘dos’ or what are they saying?

  6. Loving these. Please keep them coming!

  7. Great lesson Paul! Don’t forget to mention that words that begin with an “r” are also trilled like a double “rr.”My name is an example of both.
    Just an aside for later, a “d” between vowels is pronounced like a “th.” (Todo—“to-tho” vs. “to-do”) I believe you should receive an honorary degree in Spanish! Keep up the good work!

  8. Great lesson. Much more interesting/fun than other classes I’ve tried to use. Thank you

  9. Excellent lesson! It looks like teaching Spanish makes your avatar hungry and thirsty 🙂

  10. Live your teaching style. You guve us small bits of new info that are easy to dugest and then bring in previous knowledge. And thank you for giving me so many words in Spanish with your cognate tricks! Vocab is one of the things that us most daunting about learning a new language! I already feel more confident that at 59 I can learn Spanish!

  11. Great lesson! Thank you…I can’t wait for the next one!

  12. LOVED this! Gracias – we’ve lived here for 4 years and have took a great spanish class but these tips are invaluable!

  13. Sherry in Texas | June 21, 2017 at 3:45 pm | Reply

    You pronunciation tips are awesome. Thanks so much. You give just enough info on the screen at once for me to pause it and look at the words and say them out loud to myself and then listen to your pronunciation to see if I got it right or not. It also helps so much that you speak at a pace that is understandable. So many of the “learn Spanish” things I’ve tried string so many words together and talk so fast that it’s hard to stay interested.

  14. J’ adore j ‘adore
    Cute video presentación.

  15. Tracey Preston | June 22, 2017 at 3:24 pm | Reply

    Thank you for your blog and the Spanish lessons. Until I retire I travel to Florida or Mexico most every year. Learning more Spanish will be very helpful. Those “R”s are quite a challenge just as they were when I took French years ago. My daughter is in 2nd year Spanish in high school and I surprised her with a few of my new words and translations. Keep up the great job. I look forward to each blog and now lesson.

  16. Awesome !! I am really enjoying your lessons. Thankyou !!

  17. Christine kessler | July 3, 2017 at 10:14 am | Reply

    Love it, thanks!

  18. Steffany Christopher | July 4, 2017 at 7:16 am | Reply

    Finally the way I can learn been doing Duolingo for awhile by memory but couldn’t pronounce it at all. Love love this thanks for doing this. Feeling confident that we will be able to survive when come this fall for retirement. Thanks so much

  19. Charlinda Sanders | August 12, 2017 at 12:46 pm | Reply

    My Grandmother was born in Mexico. My Mom was fluent in Spanish. Neither one wanted us to learn Spanish because it wasn’t cool to be Latin. Love your lessons. I am finally going to learns Spanish with your help.

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