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Hey, everyone! I’m Qroo Paul and this is my beautiful wife, Linda. We’re the bloggers behind Two Expats Mexico (

Even though we operate one of the top blogs about moving to Mexico in the world and we are inundated with business offers, we have chosen NOT to go the traditional route of monetizing our blog through ad placement, annoying pop-ups and sponsored posts. ​

The reason why we don’t is simple — we don’t want to give up control over our content.

Bloggers who choose to accept corporate sponsors must keep the interests of those sponsors in mind when writing articles. Do you think we could be as honest and unfiltered talking about safety, immigration, corruption and consumer rights violations if we were being funded by businesses? Of course not.

​Instead, we have chosen to fund our blog entirely through donations from readers. That way we can cover the operating costs without giving up our journalistic integrity.

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