Lesson 4 Exercises

It is highly recommended that you take the time to write out your answers and say them aloud in order to practice your pronunciation.

There is a link to the answer page at the bottom of this page.

Translate the following phrases and sentences into Spanish using the techniques taught in Lessons 1-3

1. I want to memorize the information.

2. I want to participate.

3. I want to examine the documentation.

4. I want to cancel the reservation.

5. I want to organize the information.

6. I want to celebrate.

7. I want to certify the information.

8. I want to cooperate.

9. I want to collaborate.

10. I want to confirm the description.

11. I want to present the information.

12. I want to prepare the documentation.

13. I want to verify the information.

14. I want to deliberate.

15. I want to decorate.

16. I want to consider the information.

17. I want to compile the information.

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