Lessons 5-6 Exercises

It is highly recommended that you take the time to write out your answers and say them aloud in order to practice your pronunciation.

There is a link to the answer page at the bottom of this page.

Fill in the blanks with the missing Spanish word(s) 

1. Are there any strawberries? – ¿________  fresas?

2. Where are the strawberries? – ¿_________  _________  _________  fresas?

3. The strawberries are in the kitchen. – __________  fresas  __________  en la cocina.

4. Where is the information? –  ¿__________  __________  __________  _________?

5. Where is the bathroom? – ¿__________  __________  __________  baño?

6. Are there any tables outside? – ¿__________ mesas afuera?

Answer true or false

7. There are two different verbs in Spanish that mean “to be”. (T/F)

8. The Spanish verb estar is used for temporary conditions and location (T/F)

Fill in the blank with the correct translation of the word “the”

Hint: I gave you the gender of each Spanish noun: (m) masculine, (f) feminine

9. the beach –  __________ playa (f)

10. the car –  __________ carro (m)

11. the buildings –  __________ edificios (m)

12. the men –  __________ hombres (m)

13. the women-  __________  mujeres (f)

14. the rain – __________  lluvia (f)

I want you to get in the habit of looking up individual words to plug in to your phrases.

Use wordreference.com to look up the only the noun in the following sentences (the noun is in italics). You should be able to translate the rest on your own.

15. Are there any turtles?

16. Where are the horses?

17. Where is the airport?

18. Are there any discounts?

19. Where is the entrance?

20. Where are the keys?

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