Lessons 7-8 Exercises

It is highly recommended that you take the time to write out your answers and say them aloud in order to practice your pronunciation.

There is a link to the answer page at the bottom of this page.

Translate the following into Spanish

1. I can verify the information.

2. Can you verify the information?

3. Can you verify the information for me?

4. Can I cancel the reservation?

5. Can you give me the information please?

6. Can I participate?

7. Can I examine the information?

8. Can I consider the information?

9. Can you organize the information for me?

10. Can I organize the information for you?

I want you to get in the habit of looking up individual words to plug in to your phrases.

Use wordreference.com to look up the the word in italics only. You should be able to translate the rest on your own.

11. Can you show me where the onions are?

12. Can you show me there the entrance is?

13. Can you show me where the bathroom is?

14. I can’t find the documents.

15. I want to buy two apples.

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