Lessons 9-10 Exercises

It is highly recommended that you take the time to write out your answers and say them aloud in order to practice your pronunciation.

There is a link to the answer page at the bottom of this page.

Translate the following into Spanish

1. I’m hot.

2. Are you hot?

3. I’m cold.

4. Are you cold?

5. I’m hungry.

6. Are you hungry?

7. I’m thirsty.

8. Are you thirsty?

9. I am very hot.

10. Are you very cold?

11. How old are you?

12. I am _______ years old. (insert your age)

13. I am not hungry.

14. I feel like eating.

15. I don’t have time to eat.

16. I’m in a hurry.

17. I have to cancel the reservation.

18. Do you have to compile the information?

19. I have to verify the information.

20. Are you in a hurry?

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