Where Our Love Affair With Akumal Began

There are so many wonderful parts of Mexico that we could have easily been comfortable living in, but we chose to settle down in Akumal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Akumal, it’s a town located about 25 minutes south of Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya.

We first discovered Akumal around 2007 when Linda found a good vacation deal at a small all-inclusive resort called the Akumal Bay Resort. We had already been all over the Riviera Maya but this was our first trip this far south.

From the moment we arrived, we both absolutely loved both the resort and the area. The resort was smaller than many other we had been to and that meant more personalized attention from the staff.

All of the rooms looked out on the turquoise water of the Caribbean and the snorkeling just off the beach was amazing. Linda would spend hours out there watching the sea life, which included sea turtles and even the occasional eagle ray.

The location of the resort was perfect and was within walking distance of several restaurants and shops. We would often walk down the beach in the evening, have a few drinks at a nearby beach bar, and then stroll back under a sky full of stars.

We started referring to the resort as “our place” and we returned as often as we could. During those many trips, we explored the surrounding area and we both made up our mind that Akumal would be our target destination when I retired.

Everything went as expected and we moved to Akumal in 2015. Upon our move, we spent the first three weeks at our favorite resort, which is now called the Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort — or ABBWR for short.

Our Recent Return

Linda and I decided to celebrate the two-year anniversary of our move to Mexico by spending a few days with some friends at ABBWR last week.

We were surprised to see that many of the same employees were still working there, and even more surprised that they remembered us. They came up one by one to give us hugs and ask how we’ve been. The staff at ABBWR is what truly makes the resort special.

Since no one enjoys hearing about someone else’s vacation, I’ll spare you the details and just post some pics that we took instead:

Main pool bar with sushi made to order. (Source: Q-Roo Paul)

You can see the beach from almost anywhere on the resort. The sticks on the beach are marking turtle nests. (Source: Q-Roo Paul)

Main pool area with Bali beds (Source: Q-Roo Paul)

My friend enjoying a beverage on the beach (Source: Q-Roo Paul)

The view from our room at ABBWR (Source: Q-Roo Paul)

Let’s Wrap This Up

We had a great time at the resort and we were a little sad when it was time to head back to the condo. We definitely plan on booking a few more overnight trips to ABBWR in the near future.

If you would like to see some more pics from the resort, check out their Facebook page:


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About the Author

Qroo Paul
Paul Kurtzweil (Q-Roo Paul) was a deputy sheriff in Florida for 25 years before retiring at the rank of lieutenant in 2015. He and his wife moved to Mexico looking to maximize their retirement income. They later started a blog called Two Expats Mexico (qroo.us) to share their experiences as well as information about the logistical and legal aspects of retiring south of the border.

21 Comments on "Where Our Love Affair With Akumal Began"

  1. Steve Parker | August 28, 2017 at 9:34 am |

    Q-Roo Three of us are moving to Ajijic on November 1. Your blog has been very informative and helpful. It is your kind of blog that takes the apprehension out of the move. Thanks and I look forward to your continuing posts.
    Please check out my blog at:

    • Good luck on your move. You’ve already accomplished one of the unofficial requirements of becoming an expat — you started a blog…haha.

  2. Jason Kinsey | August 28, 2017 at 10:02 am |

    Great pics Paul-we sure miss it there.Hope you and Linda are doing well and hopfully we will be back soon!

  3. I’m hearing more people express fear (who have never been to Mexico) about ever going, after there was some violence in one of the resort areas along the QR coast. I have not searched out the stories to know exactly what they are.
    Have you heard anything there? Do you ever fear violence directed towards either of you?

  4. Karen Ruth Standish | August 28, 2017 at 10:47 am |

    Love every post Paul! I was curious if the ABR gives any local’s discount.

    • They said that they don’t offer a locals-only discount because their occupancy remains high all year.

  5. I think the ABR has probably been the impetus for a lot of folks falling in love with Akumal; my wife and I included. Thanks for reminding us of some wonderful times and keeping our dream alive.

  6. Paul and Linda – I hope that “Harvey” hasn’t done any damage to you piece of paradise! Sheila

  7. As you know, we stayed at the ABBWR in May, and after staying at over 18 different resorts in Riviera Maya, I can easily say that it’s our absolute favorite. I’ll be back in Akumal on Saturday, Paul, and have a brand new list of questions for you and Linda if you’re up for a beer (or two).

  8. This is a great blog. THank you so much for putting the time to answer our questions. We plan on moving to San Felipe from Los Angeles. What are your ideas on how we pack up our house and move across the border?

  9. A true “Paradise!”

  10. Love your blog! So much information. Thanks! I do have a question—- i have sterling silverware — to be shipped. DHL will ship it to Playa del Carmen for me. Will I be facing a big customs cost on arrival? Hope you can give me some advice on this matter. Thanks.

    • We’ve never had to pay customs fees on any items that we’ve had shipped from the U.S. via FedEx or DHL.

  11. We love ABBWR and have been there 8 times soon to be 9th this Dec. loved your article and pictures. Thank you

  12. Ron Stromstad | September 4, 2017 at 8:10 am |

    We are looking for a place to spend winters that is affordable and enjoyable, loving to fish and snorkel. I had heard that Akumal’s public beaches are dirty and littered, and that sometimes the roads going in and out of town are arbitrarily blocked. Any truth to these negative rumors? Are there reasonably priced rental person to person rental units or condo’s available in the area for rent? Can you provide names of reputable management companies to look or consider rentals from? Thanks for any help, we enjoy the blogs.

    • I’ve never known the beaches here to be dirty and littered. As far as the road being blocked, that occurred during a dispute between a private property owner and locals over beach access. That problem has since been resolved.

      I don’t have the names of any rental companies. Most of the tourists find vacation rentals through Aribnb and VRBO. Longer term rentals are far more difficult to find.

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