Looking for Locals Discounts in Quintana Roo? This Website Can Help

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One of the reasons that we’re able to stay on budget so easily here in Mexico is because we take advantage of locals discounts — and there are a lot of them in Quintana Roo.

We normally find discounts by personally reaching out to businesses; however, I recently discovered a website that makes the quest for deals a little bit easier.

Viajemos Por Quintana Roo

Viajemos por Quintana Roo (Let’s Travel Through Quintana Roo) is a website created and operated by the government of the state of Quintana Roo.

The site contains information about hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions that offer special discounts for residents of Quintana Roo. Just in case you were wondering, the discounts also apply to foreigners who live in the state.


Let’s Wrap This Up

The site is relatively new, so don’t expect it to have all of the locals-only deals available in the state. Nevertheless, it’s still a very useful tool to use when planning your next getaway or staycation.

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