Our Getaway to Isla Mujeres

I’ve been meaning to do a quick post about our recent trip to Isla Mujeres for over a week now but I got busy making videos for our new YouTube channel.

I only work on this stuff for a few hours in the morning until Linda wakes up and then we’re usually off somewhere. It’s the low tourist season here which means that we’re probably headed to a beach, resort or a theme park (e.g. Xel-Ha).

Anyway, I decided to take a break from creating animations and get caught up on some blog posts. This one was on the top of my list.

Off to the Island

We go to Isla Mujeres once or twice a year and we normally stay about a week. We spend the time visiting our favorite restaurants, bars and beach clubs. So, basically what we do on the mainland too.

We’re not experts on the island by any means, but I thought I would share some information about where we like to go on the island along with some pics Linda took.

Where We Stayed

The last few times that we visited the island, we stayed at a small house located on the water called Caribbean Casa. The main picture for this post was taken on the balcony there. You’ll find a few more pics below. I’m sure you can see why we like it so much.

Here’s a link to their website: https://caribbeancasa.com/

Our Favorite Beach Club

We visited a few different beach clubs on the island but our favorite was definitely Zama Beach Club. We visited it a few times while we were there.

There was no cover charge, just consumption. And speaking of consumption, the shrimp tacos were the best that either of us have ever had. We highly recommend those.

Here’s a link to their website: https://www.zamaislamujeres.com/

Linda’s Favorite Snorkeling Spot

Linda’s the snorkeler in the family. She could spend hours just swimming around looking at fish, while I on the other hand, prefer the views above the water line.

Linda’s favorite off-the-beach snorkeling spot on the island is Garrafón de Castilla. The water there is such a vibrant blue color that people often accuse us of “enhancing” the photos we post from there.

I couldn’t find an official website or page for this tiny place, but here’s an “unofficial” Facebook page for it: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Garrafon-de-Castilla/272799669792353

Our Favorite Breakfast Restaurant

We ate at several good restaurants during our stay but we began each day by having breakfast at the exact same place — Mango Café.

Here’s a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mangocafeisla/

Our Favorite Bar 

On any given day, we stopped by several watering holes on the island but our favorite was Skull’s Landing. Great food, drinks and clientele.

We ended every day by stopping by and swapping stories with the awesome folks who gather there on a regular basis.

I didn’t get many good pics of the bar, but you can find some on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SkullsLanding/

Let’s Wrap This Up

Well that’s about it for our Isla Mujeres trip. We had an amazing time and met a lot of wonderful people. I’m sure we’ll be back there within six months or so. Until then, we plan to keep traveling and enjoying everything Mexico has to offer.

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About the Author

Qroo Paul
Paul Kurtzweil (Q-Roo Paul) was a deputy sheriff in Florida for 25 years before retiring at the rank of lieutenant in 2015. He and his wife moved to Mexico looking to maximize their retirement income. They later started a blog called Two Expats Mexico (qroo.us) to share their experiences as well as information about the logistical and legal aspects of retiring south of the border.

26 Comments on "Our Getaway to Isla Mujeres"

  1. Randy Mcfadden | September 26, 2019 at 2:57 pm |


    Nice review. It is a great little island. Mango’s is amazing. There are so many great place to eat on the little island.


  2. We are thinking about coming back next month for a few days…we will let you guys know if we do!

  3. Great Article Paul! Next time you come up we’d love to meet you – our house is just a few doors down from where you stayed. Anyone coming will love our Free Guide: The Ultimate Insiders’ Guide to Isla Mujeres – get it at http://www.islamujeresvacay.com. Salud!

  4. Marien Kaifesh | September 26, 2019 at 3:04 pm |

    We were just in Isla Mujeres for a few days ourselves! Lovely place!

  5. Love your posts our good friends own Caribbean Casa such a delight to see that you two enjoy this gem of a place as much as us. We have a few days there coming up in December.

  6. You went to some great places on the island! I have a 2-Bedroom condo on the Carribbean too that I rent out. Check it out next time. http://www.Facebook.com/CasitaTurquesaIsla

  7. Great information, Thank you Paul. We will check Zama next time. One other great place at Mujeres we love is club Indio.

  8. Just beautiful! Water is so clear and inviting – wish we were there!

  9. Lori Quakenbush | September 26, 2019 at 3:52 pm |

    Thank you for this. Will you within walking distance of Playa Norte?

  10. We Love Isla!!!! Will be back there again next month for our 3rd trip this year!

  11. Love your blog, Paul, and I’m glad you were able to spend some time on the island. Isla Mujeres is truly a “pueblo magico”. Hope you arrange a happy hour next time you’re on Isla!

  12. We absolutely love Isla Mujeres. We usually visit 3-4 months at a time. We love Mango Cafe. You should try Caribbean Brisas at least once for their breakfast stuffed poblano…different than mango, but as good! Maybe we will bump into you in Isla.

  13. Retirement the way it should be! So glad you are both enjoying life!

  14. Great overview of one of my Favorite Spots! We are considering Isla Holbox for April 2020. Please advise if you have been. It seems to be like what Isla Mujeres was 20 years ago.

  15. Corinne Holden | September 26, 2019 at 7:18 pm |

    Well that was a very familiar view when I opened your link this afternoon!! Haha – thanks for sharing. Linda looks right at home sitting in my favourite seat too 🙂
    Thanks for coming to visit the casa and thank you for all the amazing information you give to us all. It’s always very appreciated. P and C

  16. Awesome! We were in Isla Mujeres last week and stayed in Sonrisa at Carribean Casa as well. You can’t beat watching that sunrise from the deck. Next time we are thinking of ferrying our rental car over . Have you had experience with the car ferry to Isla?

    • No, we always leave it on the mainland because it’s easier to get around on golf carts; however, we do use the car ferry when we go to Cozumel for more than 5 days or so. Anything shorter, and it’s not really worth the added time it takes to do it (e.g. arrive early to line up etc.)

  17. Great timing. We are headed there today and will add your suggestions to our list! Thank you!

  18. Beautiful photos and summary of places to visit….. now I need to plan a trip!

  19. Thank you….again!

  20. Great post and what a magical place. We lived there when my son was very young for 2 years in the late 80’s. It was so quiet and beautiful. No crowds, except when the Tour Boats came in from Cancun. We also laughed because we had to go to Cancun every month or so to get dry cat food and Sour Cream. Both not available on the Island at the time. Lived on the South end, and it was like a dream. Thanks for the great post and wonderful memories it stirred.

  21. I like everything about this.

  22. Thanks for visiting our little island!! There are new places popping up all the time.

  23. Born and raised on this island, I am proud to be an islander and it is important to us that you love it too. Thank you! Come back soon!! We love Polo and Mango too. We hope you will come to see us next time too at Javi’s Cantina!

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