A Look at the CDC’s New Mandatory COVID Testing Order for International Flights (Video)

In this video, I go over the details of the CDC’s order that goes into effect on January 26, 2021. I also talk about what the tourist industry in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is doing to make it easier for American tourists to comply with the order.

Link to CDC Order:


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About the Author

Qroo Paul
Paul Kurtzweil (Q-Roo Paul) was a deputy sheriff in Florida for 25 years before retiring at the rank of lieutenant in 2015. He and his wife moved to Mexico looking to maximize their retirement income. They later started a blog called Two Expats Mexico (qroo.us) to share their experiences as well as information about the logistical and legal aspects of retiring south of the border.

25 Comments on "A Look at the CDC’s New Mandatory COVID Testing Order for International Flights (Video)"

  1. I cannot get any audio

  2. Thank you for your informative video.

  3. nice one! thanks

  4. You can test positive for 3 months after having Covid… that is the reason for the letter from the doctor versus getting another test in Mexico. It would not be easier to have to stay in Mexico until you test negative.

  5. Thanks so much! I’ve been searching for this info. Forwarded on to others..

  6. Gerald Andres | January 20, 2021 at 1:06 pm |

    Curious, have you heard anything about an age limit for shopping etc. in MX? Guadalajara has stated that AMLO put out a memo about no one over 60 yrs of age can enter Supermarkets or Restaurants at this time. Have not heard about a time limit. I know this for a fact because my brother-in-law was turned away yesterday from the Supermarket and was given that reason, because he doesn’t have Covid. Thanks.

    • Those types of rules are handled at the local level and they vary greatly from one state to the next.

  7. What do you know about driving or walking across (in Tijuana)? Still need the test?

  8. Glenda Stilwell | January 20, 2021 at 2:36 pm |

    If you have had both vaccines do u still need to be tested?

  9. Gene Harrison | January 20, 2021 at 3:26 pm |

    Paul, With regards to Gerald Andres January 20th comment about excluding seniors over 60 from supermarkets and restaurants…any further info? In PV Costco has a big sign up but as of yesterday are not ( yet?) checking ID.
    Have heard a number of friends over 60 being excluded from shopping.. What would the reasoning behind this be?

  10. mexicanalife | January 20, 2021 at 3:31 pm |

    Love your blog your house looks great as well stayed home this year because of the pendenic I see cases are starting to pick up in Mexico again stay safe

  11. Thanks so much!

  12. Beatrice M Lenes | January 20, 2021 at 6:28 pm |

    will saliva covid test suffice for return to US for entry?

  13. Marien Kaifesh | January 20, 2021 at 8:01 pm |

    Thanks so much! Headed down in February to stay at our condo (obviously no free test there!). But, I agree with you that Mexico will probably try to set up something at the airport very soon for the Antigen test. That would be great for those of us who have their own home in MEX or are staying at a VRBO/ABB property.

  14. Michael Mumme | January 20, 2021 at 8:57 pm |

    Thanks, very informative.

  15. Ok, just a few questions….Have you or anyone you know, seen this test? And how many will they have? And who is making them, Mexico will need thousands of tests. And who signs off on the tests? Can any of this be regulated and not corruptible? Maybe it should be done 15 mins before your flight, by airport personnel, and controlled.

    • Yes, we have seen the test and we know people who have been tested here in Mexico at places like Costamed. Just in our state there are thousands of tests available. They are being done by Mexican labs and hospital personnel and the test results come on their letterhead. And yes, it is very corruptible. In fact, there are already folks in expat Facebook groups offering to sell results to folks who will be leaving Mexico after the 26th. I have another video on that.

  16. I can watch through a video w/o remembering much.
    I can not continue reading w/o concentration.
    Youtube is more about entertaining or casual listening.
    Serious research needs to read printed words carefully.

    We want different things.
    Sorry to see you moving away from blogging.

    • I’m still looking for a good way to meld the two together. I prefer to read content rather than watch a video about it myself. I suppose that’s why I have been so resistant to even trying YouTube. Still, videos seem to appeal to a much larger audience. For example, even though my YouTube channel is still very new, it has been viewed over 150K times in the last 7 days alone.

  17. Just blog the script, then do the video from the script. Two birds, one stone.

  18. Hey QPaul, thanks so much for the info. Love the video. I really like watching your stuff. So informative! Wanted to ask, if staying on an island like Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, is there a web site that Mexico is pushing out that lists testing sites at various vacation destinations for people not on resorts.

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