Want to Collaborate?

Over the past seven years, we have built a strong brand and loyal following in this niche market. As a result, companies with whom we have collaborated have seen a significant increase in sales following the release of a sponsored video.

Check our our main channel, Two Expats Mexico: https://www.youtube.com/@qroo

If you are interested in working with us, just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

YouTube Stats for 90 Days (09/15/22-12/13/22)

Popular Business Collaboration Options

1) Product mention or placement in a Video

With this option, your product or service will be introduced as the “sponsor” of that particular video immediately after the video introduction and before the main content starts. I will talk about your service or product for around 30 seconds on average. Your site’s URL will be on the screen and a link will be included in the description portion of the video.

The video itself may not necessarily be related to your product ior service; however, it will still be made with our target audience in mind.

2) Dedicated Video

With this option, the video is specifically designed around your product. You will be included every step of the way and you don’t pay until you approve the finished product.

Do you have something else in mind? Feel free to send it to us. Who know? We might love it!