Instructions for Part Two of the Mexican Residency Process

Today’s post for the folks who have been granted either temporary or permanent residency at a Mexican Consulate and are planning on going to Mexico to complete part two of the process.

Some people think that it will be as easy as just showing up at immigration in Mexico, showing the agent your Mexican visa in your passport and then posing for some photos. It won’t be that easy. There will be procedures you will have to follow and additional forms (all in Spanish) that you will have to complete.

My recommendation is to hire someone to assist you with the second part of the process. If you are gong to finish the process in Playa del Carmen, I highly recommend using Adriana Vela:

For you do-it-yourselfers out there, I have created a video that goes step-by-step through the procedures and paperwork involved. I also talk about how to fill out that FMM when you first enter Mexico.

All of the links mentioned in the video are posted in this article immediately following the video. Just keep scrolling.

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Main INM Site with Instructions:

Formato Básico

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Well, that’s it for today. Good luck on your residency process. Hasta luego.