Survey: Looking for foreigners who were denied access to Seguro Popular in Mexico

We’re working on a series of articles about the public healthcare system in Mexico and we would like to hear from foreigners (especially Americans and Canadians) who tried to sign-up for public healthcare but were denied access.

If you would like to help us out — and you meet all of the following — please take a moment to complete the form below.

  1. You have a temporary or permanent resident visa
  2. You attempted to sign up for Seguro Popular or IMSS and were denied
  3. The incident occurred in 2018

The information is only going to be used to identify specific regions and offices in Mexico where this is an issue, as well as identify the common reasons why foreigners are denied access to public healthcare.

Your personal information will not be shared with anyone or posted on the site.

The email addresses will not be shared or published.
Try to be as specific as possible. For example: Playa del Carmen General Hospital
If you can't provide an exact date, at least try to narrow it down to the month and year

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