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I’m Qroo Paul and my wife, Linda, and I have operated a successful blog about Mexico since April of 2016.

Our articles have appeared in numerous English-language newspapers across Mexico, and we have developed a substantial following throughout North America.

A Look at the Numbers

People are always interested in stats, so let’s start there.

We are very proud to say that our traffic is 100% organic, meaning that we don’t spend a single cent on promoting our site.

Instead, we rely on our fans to help us get the word out, and as you can see from the numbers below, they do an amazing job!

(Copied directly from Google Analytics):

Blog Stats 05/21/19 – 06/21/19

Demographics and Geo Data

The majority of our followers are Americans and Canadians, over the age of 35, who are interested in visiting and/or moving to Mexico.

Subscribers and Social Media

Email Subscribers: 10,000+ 

Facebook Followers: 23,000+

How We Can Work Together

We’re very selective when it comes to working with companies, so please read the next two sections carefully before contacting us.

Brand Ambassadors

We’re looking for long-term relationships with hotels, resorts and airlines that we can feature in numerous articles throughout the year.

Speaking Engagements

If you’re planning a conference for English-speakers about visiting or moving to Mexico, you can’t go wrong with hiring us to come and speak to your audience. Paul has over 25 years of public speaking experience and he will both engage and entertain your attendees.


In February of 2019, we hosted our first meet-and-greet at a beach bar in the small Mexican town of Akumal. Over 100 people traveled there to meet us. You can read more about that HERE.

If you’re interested in hosting our next meet-and-greet at your business, let us know. This is a great opportunity for restaurants and bars who want to pack their places with paying customers.

What We’re Not Interested in Doing

When it comes to running a monetizing a blog, we don’t follow the typical blogger route. That’s why we have no interest in doing any of the following:

Host Guest Bloggers

Sorry, we’re the only people who write articles for the blog; however, we do occasionally collaborate with subject matter experts on technical articles.

Ads and Pop-ups

There’s nothing more annoying that blogs littered with excessive advertisements and pop-ups, so our policy is to keep our blog free of all that clutter.


We get quite a few requests to do phone or video interviews about our blog, lifestyle etc. We’re really not interested in doing any interviews. Sorry, folks.

Contact Us

If you’re writing us to comment about an article or ask general questions, please use this form: GENERAL CONTACT FORM

Become a Patreon member to get access to our live Q&A sessions as well as our private Facebook group where you can ask us questions. For more information, click HERE.